Safejawz Nitro Series Mouth Guard
Safejawz Nitro Series Mouth Guard - Black/Red
Safejawz Nitro Series Mouth Guard - White/Blue
Safejawz Nitro Series Mouth Guard - Grey/Yellow
Safejawz Nitro Series Mouth Guard - White/Blue
Safejawz Nitro Series Mouth Guard - Grey/Yellow

Safejawz Nitro Series Mouth Guard

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Safejawz Nitro Series Mouthguard

The Safejawz Nitro Series represents a significant leap forward in sports mouth guard technology, offering a blend of advanced features aimed at delivering both comfort and top-tier protection. One of its key innovations is the Fluid Fit Technology, which ensures a sleek, snug fit that securely attaches to the teeth without compromising on comfort. This design allows wearers to breathe, talk, and drink without impediment, crucial for athletes during intense competition.

Moreover, the Jaw Secure feature provides added protection to the jaw and lower teeth. Through its pre-occluded base and raised impact pads, the Nitro Series acts as a buffer against impacts, reducing the risk of damage to the lower jaw during physical activity. Unlike traditional mouth guards, Safejawz eliminates the struggle of achieving a perfect fit, thanks to its Remodel Tech, which enables users to make multiple attempts until they attain the optimal fit.

Furthermore, the Nitro Series stands out with its captivating designs on the front. In a world where athletes strive to distinguish themselves and express their personalities, these eye-catching designs offer a unique way for individuals to showcase their style and identity while performing at their best. Overall, the Safejawz Nitro Series represents a game-changing solution for athletes seeking both protection and style in their mouth guards.

Case included. Not suitable for braces

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