Cleto Reyes Sparring Gloves - Orange

Cleto Reyes Sparring Gloves - Orange

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Cleto Reyes Sparring Gloves - Orange

Recognized for their exceptional craftsmanship, Cleto Reyes Mexican boxing gloves are meticulously handcrafted in Mexico using premium leather. Engineered with precision, these gloves feature a sleek, contoured design and an elongated cuff for enhanced wrist protection.

The handcrafted leather strap, equipped with a hook and loop closure, ensures a secure and swift glove fit. Ideal for sparring, heavy bags, and general training, these gloves are designed to deliver top-tier protection and comfort. The durable latex foam padding offers crucial knuckle support, maximizing the impact of each punch.

The water-repellent lining preserves consistent glove weight by preventing moisture from penetrating the padding, effectively guarding against sweat seepage and maintaining cool, dry hands during intense training sessions.

A distinctive feature of the Reyes sparring gloves is their attached thumbs, which help prevent eye or thumb injuries as well as sprains. With a prestigious 71-year legacy in the sport, Cleto Reyes gloves have been favored by iconic professional boxers such as Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, and Manny Pacquiao, solidifying their reputation as a brand trusted by champions.

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    • Wipe dry inside and out after each use.
    • Dry flat in the shade, in a well-ventilated area.
    • Do Not machine wash or tumble dry.
    • Avoid soaking or saturating in water.


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