Sandee - The big name in Thai boxing gloves and accessories

Sandee - The big name in Thai boxing gloves and accessories

If you’re looking for boxing gear, have you got to grips with Sandee yet? This well-known brand credits itself with being ‘one of the oldest and most authentic combat sports brands in the world.’

The Sandee logo is one of the most familiar in professional boxing, with some of the most successful fighters worldwide sponsored by Sandee. Watch any professional boxing match and you’ll probably see the name right up there. That’s how you know that when you invest in your own Sandee boxing gloves or Sandee Muay Thai clothing and accessories, you’ll be getting top value, excellent durability and professional-level kit.

Take a closer look at Sandee boxing gloves and notice specialist engineering and craftsmanship that’s designed to provide all-round care and protection for your hands. The range is reasonably priced, which is an all-important factor in advancing the sport, while keeping safety and professionalism top priority. No one wants to fight with or against someone who is making do with cut-price wear and sub-standard equipment that can’t truly stand up to the rigour and impact of serious  MMA. We don’t stock the brands we don’t believe in. Sandee is a brand you can trust.

If Muay Thai boxing is your preferred sport, Sandee Muay Thai shorts are a very popular label. Their innovative mesh strip feature is proof they know what real life fighters and practitioners need - performance material, breathable design, and stylish tailoring for maximum range of movement. They even come in a wide range of colours, so you make your own mark. Choose the shade that fits your personality, and your fighting style.

Whatever you’re looking for in the Sandee range, we can supply it. Or if you just need more general advice on the best products for your new MMA training regime, contact us. We offer a wide range of top value boxing gear and equipment, as well as all the major brands in MMA gear and fight equipment.

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