MMA training is a winner for the England Rugby team

MMA training is a winner for the England Rugby team

Looking for more proof that MMA is a great training and fitness approach? Want some inspiration to take you from thinking about the sport to actually signing up and going along? Well, how about the England Rugby team? Yes, even professional rugby players are benefiting from mixed martial arts.

In another example of cross-discipline fitness training, it turns out that behind the scenes England have been giving their rugby practice a rest to get to grips with judo and wrestling as well as some jiu-jitsu moves. The initiative is designed to help the players pick up inspiration and skills from the culture of combat sports to help them in their strength, tackling, strategy and resilience.

Rugby, like MMA, clearly requires impressive levels of physical endurance. While other training approaches can obviously help build this, MMA is perfect because it also provides the England team with combat instincts and principles that can fine tune their top flight techniques on the rugby field.

Rugby mauls, tackles, and just the sheer grit and resilience needed to battle through to the touch line - there are a few obvious contexts where MMA skills are likely to be transferable. But it’s more than aggression and increased endurance. Professional rugby requires vital technique as well as brute strength - not everything goes. The rules require very careful play in order to avoid dangerous moves that can injure your opponent and get your team penalised. MMA training gives rugby players a strong context for refining their understanding of rules of contact and interaction, honing a new body awareness and understanding. The team hopes this will help them up their game and avoid needless penalties.

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